Thorny #1 Print-and-Play

Downloadable Print-and-Play Maze Books

Get your puzzle fix cheap, and get it now! These ten-puzzle books will download to your computer as a PDF file, so you can get busy on ’em hot out of your printer.

Now Available: Thorny #1

Contains 10 full-page 8.5″x11″ mazes to print out, plus solutions.

Approximate play time per maze, 6-20 minutes.

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50 Odious Over-and-Under Mazes

50 Odious Over-and-Under Mazes

50 Odious Over-and-Under Mazes

ISBN 978-1-935540-38-0

Finally, mazes you can really sink your teeth into! Claustrophobic passages. They twist. They turn. And just when you think you’re headed in the right direction…they go underground. Three skill levels: easy, tough, and brutal. Each puzzle should take 15-45 minutes to solve. Are you hankering for some diabolically difficult mazes? Then bring it!

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50 Excruciating Mazes

Now available at Amazon!

50 Excruciating Mazes

50 Excruciating Mazes

50 Excruciating Mazes

Finally, mazes you can really sink your teeth into! 50 Excruciating Mazes features six diabolically difficult puzzle types.

Twisted: a traditional maze with plenty of twists and turns

Vortex: loop through a dizzying array of spirals

Shapshifter: one pattern morphs into another

Jagged: a scintillating sawtoothed design

Thorny: scads of short passages to get caught in

Mindbender: nearly impossible to escape

These mazes ain’t kid-stuff! Each maze should take 15-45 minutes to solve. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then grab a pencil, and dig in. Buy it from


Amazing Mazes

Preview six maze types featured in the upcoming book 50 Excruciating Mazes. Free samples for you to download and play that should keep you busy for a few hours! Go to the Mazes page.


Magic…coming soon

Tricks. Illusions. Puzzles. Mazes.

Some things you never outgrow.

Coming soon.